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If you have a penny and I have a penny and we exchange pennies, you still have one cent and I still have one cent.

But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange ideas, you now have two ideas and I now have two ideas.

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FREE upgrades for future updates! Internet Cafe Software supports languages like English , Fran?aise ( French ) , Espa?ol ( Spanish) , Portuguese , Thai. Fast - Secure - Sure - Reliability to operate like 7x24. If you have Cyber Center, Internet Center, LAN Cafe, RAG-NA-ROK Cafe', DotA Cafe, CF Cafe, R.O.S.E Online, CS Cafe', Counter-St Cafe', C-Strike Cafe, Half-Life Cafe, ROSE on Cafe, MMORPG Cafe', VOIP Cafes, Hotel Business Cafe Center , WiFi Public Access Point, Access point sharing, NetCafe, CyberCafe, Internet Cafe, Gaming Center, Surf Net Cafe, Hotel-Business Cafe, Hotel-Business Center, WebNet Cafe, LAN Gaming Cafe. It's unneccessary to find a better software than mycafecup, MyCafeCup Software for CyberCafe is a "state-of-the-art" design with very intuitive and clean functional user interface. Upgrade your shop and lets MyCafeCup system to help control you business un-awareness. You can take control all of client machines like remote-desktop which will help you manage the machine remotelike like you siting at the machine. MyCafeCup provides 4 main types of billing account. ,Pre-paid accounts, Post-Paid Account, Member Post-Paid Account and Ticket-Less Accounts. , ,You can instantly gain lot of more cash-flow to your business with the Pre-paid accounts / Add-On accounts., ,Or you can just freely select any machine for instant service to the new coimming customers without loggin-on., ,MyCafeCup server can operate automatically in back ground mode with out the administrator to log-on all the time., ,Un-Awareness operations, with pre-paid accounts/Add-On accounts scheme. Then you will have lot of more spare time to do other things, but let mycafecup system to operate your business automatically.,,Don't have to stand-by and watch all machines, Let's MyCafeCup handle it for you., ,So you can easier to switch to MyCafeCup system from any others cyber cafe software in the market. , , MyCafeCup provides the first world CyberCafe and WIFI billing management ., ,WIFI billing, Apartment WIFI service, WI-FI access point, windows access point., ,WiFi hotspot billing, hotzone billing, hotspot billing, hotspot software, billing software, radius server., ,First and only one cybercafe with WiFi hotspot billing, share accounts between PC rental and Laptop to accessing an internet., ,IP Billing, TCP/IP internet billing, IP access point billing, IP Address Browser billing., ,WIFI internet cafe software billing, WIFI internet cafe billing, WIFI software, browser billing for WIFI., ,Wi-Fi hotel billing, Wi-Fi remote client, Wi-Fi Technology billing, WiFi cafe software, WiFi internet cafe software, Wi-Fi internet manager., ,Access internet wifi wireless, business internet wifi, wifi hotspot, global internet wireless, internet businesses, internet provider wifi, wireless access point sales, internet business opportunity, access internet wifi, wi-fi hotspot, wi-fi hotspots, wifi hotspots, prepaid internet access card, wlan router, internet cafe businesses, laptop wireless internet access, wireless network, laptop wireless internet access, wireless internet, wifi equipment, wifi router., ,Access internet via your internet cafe shop, Provide Wi-Fi for your shop, open internet cafe with Wi-Fi access point service., ,Apartment internet service control, WIFI billing control, Hot-Spot Billing, Wot - Spot, Hot - Sport, hot sport, hotspoit, spot wifi, Wifi point, Wireless ADSL hot spot, ADSL hotspot, DSL hotspot, DSL WIFI router hotspot, DSL VDSL ADSL HDSL hotspot billing, HotSpot passport, HotSpot coupon, HotSpot timecode, HotSpot Ticket., ,Hotel, Service Apartment, HotSpot in Lobby, WiFi internet access point Hall, Wifi Garden, Wifi in University, WiFi in Academic, Hot Spot in Academy., ,College, Collage, School, Bar, Pub, Coffee House, Burger, Beer Bar, Louge, Village Internet Service., ,802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11b, router, internet connection, wifi subscriber system, cafe wifi system, wireless cybercafe, allinone system cafe and wifi, how to build cafe and wifi hotspot., ,browser authentication, web based wifi authentication, bandwidth management, account sharing, wi-fi, wired cafe, wiredless, wireless (802.11 a/b/g/ draft n)., ,postpaid wifi hotspot, cyber caffee, internetcaffe, caffe, internet coffeeshop, internet in a bar, bar LAN cafe, WiFi in a bar. ,