My Cafe' Cup : The ultimate timer and managing solution for Internet Cafe / Cyber Cafe / Gaming Cafe / WiFi HotSpot / Online MMORPG Games Center.

Cyber Internet Cafe Software
MyCafeCup is an internet cafe timer software solutions for the operation of an Internet Cafe, CyberCafe, Gaming Center, Internet Business Center or PC rental system. Designed primarily for billing  Internet Cafe business and also controls the PCs on your intranet. System functions and user interface has been designed to be easy to use with little or no experience in the computer industry. The software allows you to set up various marketing plans for each user to choose from.

Cyber Internet Cafe Software
MyCafeCup is Client / Server application which allows you to manage, control and monitor easily all client machines status remotely from the Server in on-line and in real time. Administrators can just monitor or manage the things at clients easier from the server, such as shutdown, reboot, Wake-up on LAN, force the user to log-out, see the running applications, Remote Virtual Desktop, etc ....

Cyber Internet Cafe Software
MyCafeCup has a comprehensive high security to prevent the un-authorized users access to your client computers, so just grant access to your customer individually. By creating username/password accounts with the ability to charge the user in various terms (Pre-paid , Post-paid, on-demand usage, etc..).

HotSpot Timer Software
EvoSpot is supplement Wi-Fi software of MyCafeCup Platinum and sold separately.  It creates a HotSpot integrated to MyCafeCup Platinum and enhances your store services for various devices of your customers such as notebook, PDA, or mobile phone to gain access the Internet. EvoSpot allows you to control, manage and meter Internet access time by using the account created by MyCafeCup Platinum. EvoSpot provides ultimate service both LAN PC’s and Wi-Fi devices for your customers satisfaction and also generate more income for your store. (More information)

Why you have to use MyCafeCup? What are the adventage?
  • You will get more of your free time automatically.
  • No more manuall note/calculate for the incoming/outgoing users.
  • No more worries about the over usage time of users.
  • No more worries about the employee corruption.
  • No more problem about settling the total income to any of your business's share holders.
  • Immediately increasing your "Cash-Flow" by "Normal Limited Account" user type (Pre-Paid account).
  • Easier calculate the usage amount by "Unlimited Account" user types (Post-Paid account)
  • High Security for prevent unauthorized person using the machine.
  • Enhance your cafe look to be as same as professional shop.
  • It has been developed with the superior development tools from the creator of "Microsoft Windows O/S" as same as your machine O/S, so It has fully compatible, reliability, and efficiency while itis running.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Reliable timer processing.
  • No hidden cost,  such as database engine, special hardware devices, etc..
  • No complicated database engine, the mycafecup has build-in database engine, so no complexity in database maintenance/backup/restore/ or whatever that found in the hugh relational database manager, etc..
  • No complicated process of installation and usage, so you can re-install the software yourself easily without asking for the software engineer or other specialist.
  • MyCafeCup system can work together with Windows Firewall and no special configuration required. (You don't have to disable the windows firewall)
  • Compatible with Windows 7 (All edition) / 2008 (32bit and 64 bit) !
  • No Special Hard-lock (Hardware activation) required.
  • One-time payment (NO Annual/monthly fees), update free for life.
  • Automatic data synchronization between server and clients, so in case of emergency with the server (Power black-out, physical network failure, etc... ) the server can be shutted-down temporary without the interupting the user whom using the clientmachines.
  • Easily blocking applications and web sites browsing with "Keyword filtering".
  • Remote Viewer for viewing the server status remotely. (Both directly by Plug-in application or  common web browser)
  • TRUE! WiFi HotSpot Plug-in supported (Sold separately). You can extend your service with wifi hotspot using the same user database/server machine. Please visit WiFi Hotspot Solution page for more information.
  • Etc., there are many more features and do not wait for download and test. So you will understand Why we still have new members almost everyday.

DOWNLOAD NOW! : We invite you to have a look at all that MyCafeCup has to offer. Download a copy of the evaluation edition and check out all the features.

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